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The Beginning

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One Step Ahead

The day before the deposition, Attorney Feit advised Plaintiff’s counsel that “I have just been informed that my client, Kathleen [aka Kathy] Moser, will be unavailable to appear for a deposition until sometime in July [2022] as she is undergoing surgery and requires time to recover.”

No further detail was provided, including when the surgery would take place or why it is that the
recovery for a surgery that apparently had not yet occurred would prevent her from attending her

The Legacy

Salus Capital Partners, LLC vs. Moser, Kathleen et al

[Rob] Kuppens failed to cooperate with Claimant during the investigation.”
Former Chief Financial officer of Salus Capital Partners

“We barely makes ends meet and are often late in paying our bills.”
Spouse of Defendant

Our Clients Have Spoken

The baggage of a long-term relationship is not just in having someone around who purports to know your industry, but also knowing someday you will be an expert in litigation.